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A Heart-Based System for Personal and Professional Growth

If you want balance in your life so you can:

  • Create harmony in all areas of your life
  • Find professional growth and fulfillment
  • Feel true peace and happiness from the inside out

… this video series is going to show you exactly how to do that and more.

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In this FREE Video Series You'll Learn:


The Common Misconception:
Success = Fulfilment

Learn why it is that even though you're successful, you're not fulfilled.


Avoid this Pitfall:
Equal Implementation of BUILD

The truth is, some areas of BUILD may require more time and effort based on the individual.


A Simple Solution:
Shift from Head to Heart

You can’t just think your way through complete transformation - you also have to feel it.

With John Peitzman
Certified High Performance Coach™, professional speaker, author, and creator of The BUILD Framework®

John Peitzman "JP" is a life-long expert in the art of high performance. From his time as a young performing artist to his executive career spanning the globe, JP has embraced and cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit throughout his life.

One of an elite team of Certified High Performance Coaches™ worldwide, JP left the corporate world in 2015 and founded In Balance with Life with his wife, Marliesa. He is passionate about helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams get to the next level by teaching them the most advanced high performance techniques available in the world, so that they can turn stress, struggle, and strife into health, happiness, and harmony . . . and obtain true balance in their lives.


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